Swiss truffle

France, Spain, Italy say they are the paradises of truffles. But in Switzerland too, this fungus finds favorable ground. Amateurs seek it with their dogs or "fly". Truffle can be observed in most Swiss forests located in limestone areas. At home, the conditions are conducive to all the popular varieties of gourmets, summer truffle at the Truffle of Alba. This proves that its culture can be envisaged. This is ecological and therefore favorable to fauna and flora.


Fresh truffle There is a dozen days (after maturity) packed in a laundry (or in a sheet of paper towel to change every day) and put in a container containing a rice bottom. Store in the bottom of the refrigerator (2 to 3 ° C) 

Tip: Put eggs with and they will take the taste of these

Sterilization is to avoid because it Kill the perfumes!

The alcohol Modifies perfumes. Conservation is possible in the 45 ° alcohol for pates and meat in sauce.

Oil is done by macerating the truffles 3 days or by contact.

Consumption & preparation

The truffle is perfect as a raw condiment, cut into thin slats to taste with simple dishes and unfatted ...

It is always better to cook fresh truffle. To let it stay in the open air causes an oxidation and loss of perfumes ...

For all cooking, prefer the preparation of butter or cream prepared 1 or 2 hours before and that you can incorporate in the sauces at the end of cooking or then risem to more than 80 degrees, the taste molecules being protected by GRAS BODIES. In addition, this will perfect your dishes by valuing your truffles.