Brunch Fusion / 28.11.2021 / Renens The Canteen Pop Up X STD X Legram

Sunday, November 28, @ legram.chpartners with @lacantinepopup and @swisstruffledealers In order to offer a brunch / lunch (a Blunch?) Sunday with 8 special hands truffle with Spanish and Japanese influences. 🇪🇸🇯🇵

On the menu :
🌸 Amuse bouche
🌸 Croqueta, truffle
🌸 Okonomiyaki, truffle
🌸 Octopus or Mushroom Portobello, Artichoke, Truffle
🌸 Sesame ice cream, truffle

This is a unique menu in CHF 89.- / Person (small possible changes depending on the market). Reservations open today, only via email at 💌 Please specify if you prefer the octopus or the Portobello fungus when booking.

The usual brunch menu of @ will not be available

We look forward to welcoming you

Street of Savonnerie 4 -
1020 Renens

Toriyufu / 04-05.11.2021 / Neuchâtel

Thursday 4 and Friday November 5th @lacantinepopup and the @swisstruffledealersjoin and invest the@interlope_caseachocs in Neuchâtel.

They propose to marry japanese and truffle flavors in two menus (Chisana = Small Thursday 4 and Oki = Great Friday 5)

On the menu :
Thursday, November 4 - 19:00 Chisana - 45.-
🥚 appetizer
🥚 Perfect egg, Dashi with truffle
🥚 Okonomiyaki truffle, vegetarian or omnivore
🥚 Sesame Ice Truffle

Friday, November 5 - 20:00 - OKI - 89.-
🍜 Amuse bouche
🍜 Perfect egg, dashi with truffle
🍜 Okonomiyaki truffle
🍜 Noodles soba, broth house with truffle, beef or squash
🍜 Brie house with fresh truffle
🍜 Ice sesame truffle

Selection of natures wines by @ 🍷

Location: The interlope - Case-a-shocks
Rue de l'Evole 39A - 2000 Neuchâtel -


Truffles walk 30.10.2021 bonvillars

Sale of fresh truffles, brie with fresh homemade truffles and veal sausages stand with truffle and itsMayonnaise with house truffle as well as Veggi Dogs with a vegannaise with house truffle.