These preparations can be used as a base of sauce, incorporated in your risotto, your fresh pasta, your puree, on meats and all other dishes ...

Truffle butter

- 100 gr of butter

- 25gr of uninatum or 15gr of melanosporum or 15gr of magnatum or 10gr of mesenteric

1. Cut the butter into cube

2. Grate the truffle with mandolin

3. Handse with a fork while maintaining "grain"

To eat away or freeze. For freezing, making portions packaged in cellophane

Fresh or frozen, mixes with mashed puree 

potato, pasta, risotto, ... can be used as 

Beef and fish tablecloth.

Before using it for a sauce, relax the butter. Tease him and add a little cream before emulsifying everything.

No salt in butter, only at the service


Truffle cream

- 50cl of cream

- 50gr grated truffle (ratio 1/1 half-half)

1. Mix 

2. Use or freeze

3. Can be diluted according to use


Mayonnaise with truffle

- Make a homemade mayonnaise

1. Grate the truffle on it, at the PIF, at will

2. Continue to tout

3. Season with your taste

4. Let rest on the fridge and serve fresh



Truffle with a truffle

1. Spread fine slices of fresh bread with truffle butter

2. Sprinkle with salt flowers

3. In decor, add truffle slats




2 eggs P / pers., 15 g. Truffles P / Pers.

salt and pepper



2 eggs P / pers., 10 g. Truffles P / Pers.

salt and pepper


You can put the eggs 3 or 4 days beforehand  With truffles and leave in the refrigerator.

Two or three hours before cooking, break the eggs in a salad bowl, incorporate grated truffles and brew to the fork.

Mix well and leave waiting. 

15 minutes before serving cook the mixture in a bain-marie while turning without stopping or stove, stirring until the scrambled. 

Serve immediately, salt and grate some slats to decorate your dish.