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Swiss Truffle Dealers

1_Truffs Fresh Burgundy, Switzerland, Tuber Uncinatum

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Dite autumn truffle, Burgundy or bonvillars with a scent of undergrowth and a very pronounced hazelnut taste.

It is the most widely used throughout Europe and lives in symbiosis with many varieties of trees (oak, hazel, charm, beech, pine, ...). It is as little demanding from the heat and quality point of view.

Keep in the refrigerator in household paper between 7 and 10 days. (Change the cleaning paper every day).

For optimal tasting we recommend consuming them within 5 days.

We recommend 30g per person per dish.

Sending in parcel "Post Express Post Moon", Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, at home the next morning between 7am and 9am.

Harvest: September to March